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Vixen Studios is established in 1998, and today, it is well known as the world-wide based integrated production house.
Vixen Studios has offered High-End Creative Visual qualities which contents successfully delivered marketing insights upon clients’ needs.

Since its’ establishment, Vixen Studios have produced numerous successful projects with both domestic & international global clients, and its’ professional expertise has been recognized not only in commercial films areas but also in movie, animation, character, multi & new media and etc.

Vixen Studios is proud to have served numerous famous clients, especially Samsung, Hyundai Motor Company, Nike and others for we are still maintaining a good working partnership for long time.

Vixen Studios is also strong in training the production execution, marketing and communication skills, and never neglect to interpret and understand every client’s marketing needs.
Thanks to the skilled and challenging crews, Vixen Studios is able to maintain its’ reputation of the best production quality in international visual industry. Not only for the reason of well-trained crews, but also the advanced equipment that are enable to carry out the great success of projects.

Vixen Studios never stops its’ challenges and today, we are striving hard to achieve further investment worldwide.
We are always at our best to be the experts in our professional areas.

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We are all that visual
    • Digital Film Total Service
    • Production Account Service
    • Post Production Service (CF, Movie Animation)
    • Visual Effects Solutions
    • Commercial Film Supervising
    • High-end Digital Studio Editing, 2D, 3D, Art
    • Digital Visual Strategy
    • Digital Imaging planning
    • Interactive Digital Contents
    • New media Producing
    • Creative Concept planning
    • Art work Supervising
    • Character
    • Typo Graphic / Motion Graphic
    • Global Production Network
    • New Media Contents Planning
    • Abroad Marketing